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Request for Conditional Use Permit by KS Sand & Concrete
CU20/03 by Kansas Sand & Concrete, Inc., requesting a Conditional Use Permit on property presently zoned “I-2” Heavy Industrial District and located along the east side of NW Stina Court near the intersection of NW 25th Street and NW Stina Court, in order to allow for “Manufacturing Processing, Type III” (concrete mixing plant).
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Staff's recommendation to the Planning Commission:
Each decision maker will follow the criteria below when voting on this item.
Approval subject to conditions of approval:
  • 1. Use and development of the site in accordance with the approved Site Plan, landscape plan, and related plans and Applicant’s Statement of Operations for Kansas Sand and Concrete Inc.
  • 2. Adding Note: “No Building Permits shall be issued until Stormwater Management Plans are approved including granting of any necessary stormwater management easements.”
  • 3. Add Note: “Roadway improvements to NW Stina and NW 25th Street as recommended by the City Engineer or a substantially equivalent alternative proposed by the applicant shall be completed or under contract for construction prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.”

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