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4 items Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 6:00pm
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∙ Case: PUD21/03
Re-zoning of 3245 SW Topeka Blvd (& associated parcels)
911 Storage PUD by LCG, LLC requesting to amend the District Zoning Map for the property located at 3245 SW Topeka Boulevard and associated parcels from C-4 Commercial all to PUD Planned Development with C-4 Commercial uses and warehouse or storage uses as defined by chapter 18.55 of the Topeka Zoning Code. (Public Hearing)


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Staff Recommendation
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Staff recommends approval of the rezoning from C-4 Commercial all to Planned Unit Development (PUD) District with C-4 Commercial uses and warehouse or storage uses on parcels located at 4345 SW Topeka Boulevard, subject to conditions as recommended in the staff report.  

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