Rezoning of 2500 SW 17th Street

Case: PUD22/01
TLC Pet Nursing Hotel by Leslie Fleuranges requesting to amend the District Zoning Map for the property located at 2500 SW 17th Street from C-2 Commercial to PUD Planned Unit Development with C-2 Commercial uses plus a pet nursing hotel with an outdoor area for the training and medical support of pets.
The  meeting will be held via Zoom. There are three options to participate:
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To watch the meeting, the livestream of the meeting will be viewable from this page at 6:00 PM the day of the meeting. A video will be available on this page within 3 days of the close of the meeting.


Live Stream


Staff Report ( 0.23 MB )
SITE PLAN - Exhibit A ( 0.48 MB )
Site Plan - Exhibit B ( 0.13 MB )
Aerial Map ( 0.52 MB )
Zoning Map ( 0.64 MB )
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Staff's Recommendation
Planning staff recommend APPROVAL of the proposed zoning, subject to the conditions listed in the staff report, most of which are to be included in the ordinance adopted by the Governing Body:  

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