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2021-2024 TIP Amendment #7
1) C-5033-01: Administrative Revision. Change in let date, and a 5% increase in cost estimates. 2) KA-5483-02: Administrative Revision. 5% increase in cost estimates. Gaurdrail Upgrade project for Overlay. 3) KA-6393-01: Amendment. 50% increase in total project cost (award higher than estimate). Mill & Overlay, US-24 from 550 ft. west of NW Rochester Rd. east to 1,130 ft. east of NW Rochester Rd. in Topeka (Revision) 4) TE-0494-01: Amendment. 26% increase in costs due to projects bids coming in higher than anticipated. Construct a 10-ft concrete shared use path along 10th St. 5) TE-0505-03: Administrative Revision. 5% increase in cost estimate. Topeka Bikeways North Topeka: Tyler St from Paramore St to Lyman Rd. & Waddell St from Tyler St. to Soldier Creek.


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