Approved - 7-0-0

Fairlawn Acres Development

Case: PUD22/03
by Flywheel Fairlawn, LLC, requesting to amend the District Zoning Map for property located at 605 SW Fairlawn Road from M-3 Multiple Family Dwelling to PUD Planned Unit Development with M-3 Multiple Family Dwelling District (approximately 4.2 acres) and C-4 Commercial District uses (approximately 1.3 acres) to allow for multi-family apartments and unspecified commercial uses.

Meeting will be held in Council Chambers.

214 East 8th Street, 2nd Floor

Municipal Building
Topeka, Kansas 66603
Persons addressing the Planning Commission will be limited to four minutes of public address on a particular agenda item.  Debate, questions/answer dialogue or discussion between Planning Commission members will not be counted towards the four minute time limitation.  The Commission by affirmative vote of at least five members may extend the limitation an additional two minutes.  The time limitation does not apply to the applicant’s initial presentation.


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PUD Master Plan ( 2.22 MB )
Staff Recommendation
The Topeka Planning Commission forward to the Governing Body a recommendation of APPROVAL of the proposed rezoning from M-3” Multiple Family Dwelling District to “PUD/M-3” Multi-family Residential uses and “C-2” Commercial uses. 

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Please just make sure that we are not going to delude the area even worse than the Motel 6 does next door. It is already a shame that the issues that arise from that hotel are across from the Governor's mansion. I live approx. 4 blocks west and we regularly get vagrant walk throughs and police manhunts in the area. We have a beautiful neighborhood and it is well established in Topeka, constantly deluding our areas with possible transient type hotels hurts all of Topeka and diminishes property value which is already a problem in Topeka versus cities in our proximity. Hopefully this is not the intent of the property owner but this does not sound like a regular apartment complex from the description.
June 20, 2022, 12:24 PM
Eric Van Becelaere
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