Approved - 6-0-1

CUP for Providence Homes Plus

Case: CU22/02
by Providence Homes Plus requesting a Conditional Use Permit to operate a Home Care Type II facility, providing nursing care, as needed, for up to 12 fulltime residents on property zoned R-1 Single Family Dwelling District and located at 1920 SW 32nd Street.

Meeting will be held in Council Chambers.

214 East 8th Street, 2nd Floor

Municipal Building
Topeka, Kansas 66603
Persons addressing the Planning Commission will be limited to four minutes of public address on a particular agenda item.  Debate, questions/answer dialogue or discussion between Planning Commission members will not be counted towards the four minute time limitation.  The Commission by affirmative vote of at least five members may extend the limitation an additional two minutes.  The time limitation does not apply to the applicant’s initial presentation.


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Staff Recommendation
APPROVAL, subject to the conditions listed in the staff report and recommendation. 

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I have parents living at Providence. I am grateful for the care that they are receiving there. Finding a long term care facility for your loved ones is a difficult decision. The owners of Providence made that decision easier. They are genuinely good and caring people. I also appreciate that my parents can be together even though they have different levels of care needs. In fact, there are two other couples at Providence that have been able to stay together like my parents. Providence is providing a service that is needed in Topeka, and I am excited for them as they look to expand their services.
June 22, 2022, 2:04 PM
Deborah Mikoleit
After talking with Mike and reading through this CUP I support the expansion. My parents have lived in Providence since last Fall. We have nothing but great things to say about Providence and are excited about the new renovations.
June 21, 2022, 9:01 PM
Rick Vorhies
I am the next door neighbor who trying to understand why everyone is so angry about this business being in the neighborhood. I didn't see this much anger from the neighborhood when we had protester because one of our neighbors made racial comments on social media. The business is not going anywhere even if the remodel is stopped. So I need my neighbors to tell me what they have against a small business.I heard about parking in the street issues but I have seen more issue with lawn crews and moving truck causing more traffic issues for the neighborhood then I've seen issues from the employee parking. I haven't seen any issues with property values with having this business in our neighborhood.My property value has gone up in fact. If someone can show me complaints or citations from the state I could reconsider. Other then that I as a neighbor have no issues with the remodel. Ronald Rutherford 1900 Sw 32nd
June 21, 2022, 2:23 PM
Ronald Rutherford
My parents live in this care home and I just want to submit my comments from a "customer" point of view. I heard nothing about this plan for expansion until yesterday. No communication was given to resident's families (at least not to ALL family members, as I have received nothing). It was not until I was made aware of the sign in the yard about a public hearing that I became aware of these plans. First, the staff report indicates that the home is currently in use for 7 full time residents and the request is for CUP for 12 full time residents. There are currently 8 full time residents living in this house (none of them are living in the basement). It is my opinion that adding 4 more full time residents to this home would not be good for the residents living in this home. Currently 8 residents share 2 bathrooms and as I read the proposal, there would be up to 4 more sharing a 3rd bathroom. This home was not designed for 12 people to live in comfortably with a minimum of 3 full time staff members on site at all times. Currently there are usually 2 staff members on site and at least 1 administrator and sometimes as many as 3. If you add a 3rd staff member and 3 administrators, that is 6 vehicles in the driveway. Currently, if a family member wants to take resident out, whoever is parked in the driveway has to move in order to safely load the resident into a vehicle. Increasing "musical cars" increases the risk for accidents, not only in the driveway but with traffic on the streets. I certainly understand the concern of neighbors, but as a family member of a paying client, adding 4 more people to this house is a detriment to the aging people who are already living there. Thank you, Laura Lawler
June 21, 2022, 12:16 PM
Laura Lawler
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