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Missing Middle Amendments


Meeting will be held in Council Chambers.

214 East 8th Street, 2nd Floor

Municipal Building
Topeka, Kansas 66603
Persons addressing the Planning Commission will be limited to four minutes of public address on a particular agenda item.  Debate, questions/answer dialogue or discussion between Planning Commission members will not be counted towards the four minute time limitation.  The Commission by affirmative vote of at least five members may extend the limitation an additional two minutes.  The time limitation does not apply to the applicant’s initial presentation.


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Zoning Practice Publication: Beyond Use Zoning -The Role of Deregulation in Housing Equity ( 1.31 MB )

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I am so thrilled to see an initiative in Topeka to expand missing middle housing. I am hoping that a robust version of the language is passed. I am sure that you already know of many of the advantages but I want to speak to why I support more missing middle housing. It is harmful to make housing that people want for themselves illegal. Missing middle creates options for people in need. It removes government interference in the market. It allows development to match supply and demand thereby stabilizing housing prices and property taxes. This also protects Topeka’s appeal in affordability. Households in the same building share costs like land usage and even heating or cooling. This efficiency with utilities alleviates harm to the environment. Missing middle creates neighborhoods with strong residential character that can support driving, biking, walking, or public transit options. The following priorities should be considered when burdensome to attractive or affordable development: street width requirements, setback requirements, minimum lot sizes, and parking requirements. I believe that there are votes on the governing body that may go either way on this matter. A few years ago I worked very hard to pass an ordinance. I learned plenty through trial and error about how to go about that. If I can help get this over the finish line please do let me know. I have entered my contact information through the online comment function. Thank you for doing this! William Naeger
June 22, 2022, 11:53 AM
William Naeger
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