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Timber Ridge Subdivision #3 (Major Plat) (2 of 3)
∙ 6-0-0
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∙ Case: P22/09
Timber Ridge Subdivision #3 (Major Plat)
by Dultmeier-Rollenhagen, LLC for 89 single family residential lots on 38.85 acres located east of SW Wanamaker Road and south of SW 53rd Street.


Staff Report ( 0.23 MB )
Aerial Map ( 1.34 MB )
UGA Map ( 1.84 MB )
Preliminary Plat ( 1.14 MB )
Final Plat ( 0.75 MB )
Staff's Recommendation
Each decision maker will follow the criteria below when voting on this item.
The final plat phase of Timber Ridge Subdivision No. 3 be APPROVED and forwarded to the City Council for its acceptance of land to be dedicated for public purposes, subject to the conditions in the staff report below.  
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