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Sign at 935 S Kansas Avenue (2 of 2)
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∙ Case: CLGR22/17
Sign at 935 S Kansas Avenue
This proposal is to place one illuminated sign, projecting at a 45-degree angle from the southeast corner of the building located at 929 S. Kansas Avenue. The proposed sign measures 25 square feet in size, projects a total distance of 5’ 3” from the building at a height of 13’ above grade. The sign will be attached to an existing mounting bracket that was previously used for this same purpose. Materials for the proposed sign consist of a 6 ½” wide steel cabinet, framing a 60” x 60” acrylic sign face on each side. The sign is proposed to be illuminated by internal LED lighting.


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Staff's Recommendation
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Staff is recommending a finding that the placement of the illuminated projecting sign onto the southeast corner of the building located at 935 S. Kansas Avenue will NOT damage or destroy the historical integrity of the structure, or the surrounding South Kansas Avenue Commercial Historic District.
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