Denied - 8/0

902 SW Fairlawn Road - request to re-zone

Case: Z21/01
by 900 Fairlawn Associates, LLC requesting to amend the district map on property located at 902 SW Fairlawn Road from O&I-1 Office and Institutional to C-2 Commercial District to allow a restaurant with drive-through service.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be holding the meeting via Zoom. Please contact the Planning Division after February 5, 2021 by telephone (785-368-3728) or email ([email protected]) so that we can provide the link. You can also provide comment by email or mail and such correspondence will be included in the record and provided to the Planning Commission.


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Staff Recommendation

Planning Staff recommends to disapprove the zoning reclassification from “O&I-1” Office and Institutional District TO “C-2” Commercial District.

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