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TIP Amendment #2
• TIP Amendment #2: (see attached) Carlton Scroggins 1. TE-0505-01 Bikeways Master Plan Phase IV (pt.1): (New) City 2. TE-0505-02 Bikeways Master Plan Phase IV (pt.2): (New) City 3. TE-0505-03 Bikeways Master Plan Phase IV (pt.3): (New) City 4. TE-0505-01 Robinson Trail Extension: (Completes Deer Creek Southern portion): (New) County 5. KA-6122-01 Repair seven (7) bridges located along I-70: (New) KDOT 6. KA-6127-01 Repairs to Bridge #231 over BNSF RR & Shunga Creek: (New) KDOT 7. KA-6128-01 Repair Bridges #s 206 & 207on Old Hwy. 75: (New) KDOT 8. KA-1266-04 I-70 Polk/Quincy Viaduct (Amendment) KDOT 9. KA-3236-01 US-24 From 468 ft. east of US24/Topeka Blvd Int. (Amendment) KDOT 10. KA-1266-06 I-70 Polk/Quincy Viaduct: ROW/Building Demo. (Amendment) KDOT 11. KA-5766-01 Bridge #046 on I-470 (Amendment) KDOT 12. KA-3235-01 US-24 from ECL of Silver Lake, east to Countryside Rd. (Amendment) KDOT 13. 1-20-03-7 (KDOT AIC Grant)-improve bus stops; work w/city on sidewalks; Electric vehicle fleet study: (New) TMTA 14. TIP FHWA & KDOT project and budget modifications • TIP Administrative Revision- C5033-01 Shawnee Co. Interconnected signalized intersections: 4.5% increase in costs.


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