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Windward Estates Subdivision
Windward Estates (Preliminary and Final Plat) by Watson Real Estate Development, Inc., David E. Watson, comprising 7.54 acres and proposed as 20 two family and single family residential lots, and one commercial lot, located approximately 150' west of the intersection of SE 45th Street and SE California Avenue, all being within the City of Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.


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Decision Criteria
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The overall subdivision design conforms to the established standards and provisions of the subdivision regulations. Based upon the above findings and staff analysis, the Planning Department recommends the Preliminary and Final Plat phases for Windward Estates Subdivision be APPROVED, subject to:

1. Add “SE” to the label for Catalina Street on the final plat.
2. Label the east-west segment of the new public street “SE 46th Street” on the final plat.
3. Acceptance and approval of Stormwater Management Report prior to the final plat proceeding to City Council for consideration, Add note: “NOTE: “No building permit(s) shall be issued until all Stormwater Management requirements set forth in the Topeka Municipal Code (TMC) are met: including approval of Stormwater Management Plan, granting of any necessary stormwater management, drainage or stream buffer easements, and construction and inspection of all stormwater management facilities contained in the approved Stormwater Management Plan for each phase as applicable.”

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