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Horseshoe Bend #6

Case: P21/11
(Final Plat) by RT Builders, for 28 single family residential lots on 7.54 acres located north of SE 45th Street, east of SW Topeka Blvd and along the south side of the Kansas Turnpike.
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Live Stream


Staff Report ( 0.03 MB )
Aerial Map ( 1.67 MB )
Preliminary Plat ( 3.23 MB )
Final Plat ( 2.91 MB )
Staff recommends Horseshoe Bend Subdivision #6 be APPROVED and forwarded to the City Council for its acceptance of land to be dedicated for public purposes, subject to the following conditions: 

1. Approval and acceptance of the preliminary street plans by the City Engineer prior to City Council consideration of the final plat. 
2. Removing Note #9 as it is unnecessary as this is seen as interior lots since adjacent to existing platted lots with 8’ utility easements on either side. 

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