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Historic Holliday Park Neighborhood Plan Update
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March 10th Update: Both neighborhood kick-off meeting was held on March 8th. Roughly 30 members of the community showed up. A follow up meeting will be held within the next few weeks to continue the discussion regarding the replacement of brick sidewalks within the neighborhood.

Over the next few months Dreams Planning Committee meetings will be held to discuss a variety of topics related to the Neighborhood Plan. 

CPA23/01 by the City of Topeka amending the text and map of the City of Topeka’s Comprehensive Plan updating the Historic Holliday Park Neighborhood Plan. The area affected by the amendment is bounded by SW 10th Ave to the north, SW Topeka Blvd to the east, SW 13th St to the south and SW Clay St to the west.

The Historic Holliday Park Neighborhood Improvement Association applied for and was awarded the 2023 DREAMS I by the City of Topeka. DREAMS I is a city program that provides a neighborhood plan, up to $1.5 million dollars in infrastructure money to the neighborhood, and $330,000 in housing rehabilitation dollars through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds provided by Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Your involvement in this process will allow your voice to be heard when making decisions on how this money can be spent. Through DREAMS I, the Historic Holliday Park will receive an update to their neighborhood plan that will outline how that money will be spent.

What is DREAMS I?

The Topeka DREAMS Neighborhood Improvement Initiatives Program (NIIP) is a neighborhood investment partnership program between the City of Topeka and area Neighborhood Improvement Associations (NIAs). The program is designed to assist NIAs with improving their neighborhoods through, community collaboration, neighborhood planning, public infrastructure improvements, and affordable housing and housing rehabilitation in low and moderate income (LMI) neighborhoods of Topeka. This partnership allows for the planning, design and completion of projects that address current conditions, and the identification of goals for future neighborhood infrastructure, housing, and other quality of life improvements. The City works to implement the priority projects, identified by the community, into the City of Topeka’s Capital Improvement Plan, Capital Improvement Budget and annual Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block (CDBG) Funding priorities for neighborhood projects through three initiative levels.

HHP Kick-off Presentation ( 4.14 MB )
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